Concierge Application Processing

Many of our advisors have let us know that completing and following up on applications are some of the more time-consuming and frustrating parts of their professional existences. We want you to concentrate and focus on the marketing and selling side of your practice, and to help you in that regard to the extent that we can. Our Concierge Application Processing service helps you by scrubbing your applications, managing them through the suitability and underwriting process and even reaching out to third-party institutions on your behalf in order to retrieve the funds if that is necessary. Our advisors have reported an average 27% reduction in the time it takes from submission to paid on their annuity and life applications.

If you are an advisor without administrative assistance, this is a tremendous time and money saver.  If you do have administrative assistance, it could be beneficial to use the hours that are being spent chasing down cases instead to help generate more revenue for your firm.  We will even help train your staff to do this for you!

We will:

  • Check your CE and product training requirements
  • Help you prepare the application prior to the appointment, paying special attention to required signatures
  • Take the application after your appointment and make sure it meets all the requirements of the carrier, and that any unusual circumstances are properly explained so as to avoid unnecessary delays later in the process
  • Monitor the case through suitability and underwriting
  • Communicate with third-party institutions from where funds are being disbursed
Concierge Application Processing