Steve Archer


Steven Archer graduated from St. John’s University in Queens, NY in 1988, and immediately entered the life insurance and annuity industry on the strong advice of one of his best friends, a high producing agent. During his first twenty-four years, Steve saw significant success. He became a successful agent, writing 375 cases in four years as an advisor. He then moved into sales management where he built a Company-leading team of agents and advisors. Later, he headed up two agencies, and was responsible not only for the growth of those agencies, but also for tremendous strides in leadership development. Seven of the individuals that Steve recruited and mentored went on to head agencies of their own, he appointed dozens of agents to field management positions, and was directly responsible for the recruiting and development of hundreds of successful agents and advisors.

In 2012, he was introduced to Dave Scranton and the Advisors’ Academy. He was immediately taken with Dave’s approach to building a practice through improvements in Practice Management, Marketing and Lead Generation, and Sales Process. Since then, Steve has been instrumental in attracting and coaching some of the most highly qualified advisors in the industry to the ranks of Academy members, nearly doubling the size of the Company in the process.

In 2015, Steve was asked to head up the Company’s new initiative, the Advisors’ Arsenal. Here Steve is using his knowledge and experience from years of organizational building and coaching to bring some of the most impactful ideas and systems used by the Academy to a wider scope of our industry.

Brandon Moll

VP of Business Development

Senior Vice President, Business Development

Brandon is a native of North Carolina, and a veteran of three tours in the Middle East with the
United States Air Force.  While pursuing his majors in Business and Finance, Brandon worked in the hospitality industry, eventually taking on the role of General Manager of Food and Beverage at an exclusive South Florida resort.  Upon completing his degrees, Brandon entered the financial services industry building a successful practice based in Boca Raton, Florida.  It was from here that after being recruited by the elite Advisors’ Academy, Brandon sold his practice and joined forces with the independent channel’s leading producer of transferrable intellectual capital.

Having adopted the core values and belief systems of the Scranton Sales Process at The Advisors’ Academy, and by asserting himself through strong interpersonal communication and attention to detail, Brandon has been able to have a direct impact on the productivity AND profitability with whom he works.

In 2015, Brandon was asked to play a central role in the creation of the Academy’s new initiative, The Advisors’ Arsenal.  Working alongside Steve Archer, and with guidance from company founder David Scranton, Brandon has been instrumental in bringing some of the industry’s most cutting edge systems and processes to scale, in order to cater to a more diverse group of advisors throughout the industry.

Vice President - Investment and Annuity Marketing

Todd R. Tarchis

Vice President, Investment and Annuity Marketing

During nearly twenty years in the wholesale food distribution industry, Todd honed the service related skills that would serve him so well later in his career. Straight out of the University of Florida, Todd joined a company with 40 employees and $11,000,000 in revenue. Rising to the role of Senior Operations Manager, Todd was instrumental in the company’s growth to 125 employees and $45,000,000 in revenue.

In 1997, the company was sold, and Todd decided that he would use the experience that he’d gained by administering the company’s benefits, pension and profit sharing plans to move into the financial services industry. For six years he developed his own practice, at which point Todd was recruited to the role of Investment and Annuity Specialist for the New England Financial in Boca Raton, Florida. Once again, he was successful in growing the asset base of the agency by more than 50% in a short time, and maintained the asset base during the correction in 2008.

Toward the end of working with more experienced advisors, and to work more consistently with the baby-boomer generation in an income planning based model, Todd joined the Advisors’ Arsenal in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where he guides “Arsenal” advisors with a professional, comprehensive approach that has won a loyal following.