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The Advisors’ Arsenal takes the innovative tools and strategies that Advisors’ Academy members are so familiar with, and brings them to the table in a new way. Our mission is to raise the education level of every advisor who affiliates with us, thereby helping you consistently overcome the many issues and “limiting beliefs” that can hinder a client’s decision-making process. The result is an advisor whose time is spent productively, and whose clients’ investments are aligned with their personal goals.

Concierge Application Processing

Concierge Application Processing

Our Concierge Application Processing service helps you by scrubbing your applications, managing them through the suitability and underwriting process and even reaching out to third-party institutions on your behalf in order to retrieve the funds if that is necessary.



The Advisors’ Arsenal is very proud to work in conjunction with the The Advisors’ Academy’s “Academy Select Store”! So much so that we will apply a .5% marketing credit for every dollar of FIA premium placed with us towards any purchases you make in the Store.

Client Review System

Client Review System

One of the primary reasons for advisors to join us has been the very well thought out and choreographed Client Review System.

Client Survey Approach

Client Survey Approach

The CSA allows our Advisors to create revenue generating activity and interaction using their staff members or their down time from face to face meetings. It has a proven success rate, and positions you to find additional opportunities inside your client base and on its’ periphery.

Innovative Professional Alliance Program

Innovative Professional Alliance Program

Through the implementation of the Nest Egg Safety Net, we work with professionals to extend protection to the hard-earned assets on which they are depending for a comfortable lifestyle in retirement.

Workshop Without Risk

Workshops Without Risk

Educational workshops have long been considered one of the best ways to get in front of an audience of qualified prospects under very favorable circumstances, meaning that you are postured and positioned as a sought-after financial Advisor.

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If the plan doesn’t work change the plan but never the goal.


Tools build productivity like keyboards build software. They are just a means to an end. Tools are useless without care skills and actual work.

Merlin Mann

The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it but that it is too low and reach it.


Frequently Asked Questions

As an independent marketing firm, we are “carrier agnostic”. You may view our carrier list here. Our product specialists will learn about your case, and recommend the right carrier and product based on what is best for the client and for you!

Here is an example of “a little goes a long way”. Let’s say you see an average of three new prospects a week from six names generated by marketing. You closed 50 cases last year for a closing ratio of 33%. Your average annuity sale was $50,000, giving you a total of $2.5 Million in annuity sales. Now, let’s say we help you with technique and approach in a way that is mildly successful. From the same six names, you now see an average of four per week. You close 40%, and your average annuity sale rises to $60,000. Doing the math, you’d see that you’ve now raised your production to over $4.8 Million in annuity sales without changing a thing in marketing. Although it might be difficult to believe, sometimes all it takes is a simple change in approach and language.

The systems that we use are designed to help you get a commitment from the prospect, without regard for the product solution that will be implemented. Further, we have training available for the proper use of the indexed annuity with your prospects and clients. There’s a place for indexed annuities for many of your pre-retired and retired clients and prospects.

Remember that our approach is one where the objective is to get a commitment from the client without revealing a product solution. Even if only a small percentage of the assets you gather find their way into annuities, your annuity production will rise by virtue of the fact that you have simply gathered more assets!

A quick conversation may be all that is necessary. Our open platform allows us to work with advisors in a wide range of scenarios. Based on what you are currently doing and what you aim to accomplish, a determination can be made as to whether the tools we are using would be of value to you in your practice. Call Steven Archer at 954 870-6729, or send him an email at

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